Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Pioneer Day!!!!

What a week!!! 

Monday was just a normal p-day! We played some chair soccer and played some catch with a few elders! it was loads of fun!! Tuesday we were outside all day taking with people! Wednesday we drove to Bridgewater with the elders for district meeting! We drove back and traveled out to our supper appointments... yummy... 🙈
Thursday was fun.... we were on exchanges with the greenwood sisters! Sister Law and i went street contacting in the morning and then a member took us out to lunch! We then traveled 30 minutes to the middle of no-where to play bingo with old people. (they canceled it) We jumped in the car to come back into town and the coolant light came on again... (It came on about a month ago and Canadian Tire looked at it and just filled it up) So the other sisters had to come out and we took it into Canadian Tire again and come to find out there is a leak between the Turbo Charger and the Engine... The power of PRAYER is real. There is no way we should have been able to drive it back into town. They wouldn't even drive it 10 minutes into the dealership. Needless to say we have been without a car since Thursday afternoon. Friday we has a special Zone Conference. It was only 3 hours long and it was all on planning! Then we stole the greenwood sisters car while they did some planning and we went out to Enfield where we had a lesson with Ginelle! We were teaching her about a month ago and then summer kicked in and everything stopped. But she wants to be baptized! So that has been pretty exciting! Saturday was fun! We were in our p-day clothes basically all day! We did family history in the morning and then some service. Then we had some lunch and helped the elders move around the corner! Then we had games night! there was some guy out sittin on the curb smoking and then he saw that we were going to play a game outside so he came over and he was so drunk and high it was so funny... we started to play chair soccer and he had no idea what to do... we had off and on thunderstorms all day. we started to play and it started to rain and then a few flashes of lightening came and we decided to just tell him to leave and that we weren't playing anymore... so we all went inside except him and the elders and while the elders were talking with him he pulled out a water bottle full of alcohol. So the elders got him to leave and we took chair soccer inside to the gym! We go hard when we play. The ball was coming off the wall and so i hit it with my foot and it went right into Elder McGuires face.... it was so funny!! Sunday was great! We have just been bummin around with the elders so we go where they go basically. 

Well that was the week... lots of stuff happened! its week 5 so we find out next Tuesday about transfers!
I Hope you all have a great week!! LOVE and MISS YOU!!!!

P.S. Next week P-day is on Wednesday! So you wont be getting my emails on Monday!! 
P.S.S BTW really cool! so we live by this older mall that there is nothing in and they are filming a TV show there its like their main studio! The TV show is called The Mist!!! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

well it was a long week. the past few weeks have been so crazy busy with not being in our own area and just running from one place to another our area had dropped. We currently are not teaching anyone right now but are still out working as hard as we can. On Tuesday i ended up in Dartmouth with one of the sisters there, then we drove to greenwood that night and went to district meeting in Annapolis Royal. it was really good! Then on thursday we were up at 5 and gone to dartmouth to get on the transfer van to go to Moncton! We had a leadership training there all day and didnt get home till almost 10! it was super fun talking with all the missionaries! We stopped in Truro for supper and oh my goodness we had taco bell! I didnt think i would miss taco bell as much as i have! its been over a year since i have had it! We ate so stinkin much food yesterday. We had lunch at a members home we had tacos, and an ice cream sandwich and some chocolate cake. Then we went to a supper appointment and had BBQ pork and rice. and some coffee cake. then we went to a less actives for her birthday with some members and luckly didnt have cake! *PUKE* i felt sooo sick!!!
Anyways i hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the sun while it lasts!!! ​

Monday, July 11, 2016

well another week has came and gone. we were in greenwood for a day this week and bridgewater for 2! we had the privileged to go to the Nova Scotia Girls camp for a day! it was sooo stinkin much fun! sorry its short again this week! love you all!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of JULY

holy buckets! its so nice outside! this week was crazy long! we were in the Sackville Canada Day Parade! it was soo much fun!!!! sorry its gonna be a short one! ill send lots of pictures though!!!​