Monday, August 22, 2016

Did i hear sick... again....??

yup that's right im sick again.. there is a flu/somethin going around the mission right now and sister anderson and i both seemed to pick it up at the same time... :( This week was another crazy one. our car broke down for the 3rd time in like a month.... so we ended up getting a new Nissan Rogue.. :) they are sooo stinkin nice!! We had 3 potential lessons cancel on us.. our one and only investigator is out of town right now... We were out proselyting for 25 hours this week... played some chair soccer saturday night with the ward.  Thats really about all that happened this week. oh i got another sunburn... my left side of my neck is so much darker than the right side... 

anyways... i hope you all have a great week!!! 

Love ya!!

oh and i found these really cool shorts and shirts at the salvation army and got all of them for like 2 dollars. it was legit. and then a family from calgary was visiting yesterday and their little girl clara was the cutest thing!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Book of Women.... um are you sure its not The Book of MORMON?

freak, what a week....

that really should be the title of this email.... 

Tuesday night we got the elders to buy us A&W root beer floats :) 
Wednesday we had zone conference, it was fun!!! then we were suppose to have correlation with the elders but they called in a panic and was like we are not going to make it we will call you later. then to find out they broke up a dog fight. there was pit bull and it had a little girls dog in its mouth so they elders pulled over and then got blood all over and yea.... 
Thursday EVERYTHING went wrong that could. we got up our plans for youth conference fell through. so we had no idea what we were going to do for our devotional. Then we decided whatever lets just go walk around the lake and talk to people so we go and nope cant do it!! we hadn't gotten rain in like a month so everything is ready to light up in flames!!! so we decided okay lets go to the church... so we have a gate to get into the church so we go to unlock it and nope, someone tried to break in and jammed it.... ugh kill me. so we go to the waterfront to walk on the boardwalk. we get done praying and i look down and guess what.... I don't have a flippen name tag.... so i wore an extra one of sister andersons... then at lunch i couldnt find any of my english ones so i had to wear my french one....  then we got a call from the zone leaders saying that a set of sisters we are over in new brunswick are having a hard time and not getting along.... then we got a text cancelling a supper appointment we had that night because their house caught on fire the night before... I JUST WANTED TO DIE
Friday we were up at 5:30 and out the door at 5:45 to pick up the elders. We drove a hour and a half and went to youth conference!! it was super fun to see everyone!! During testimony meeting it started to pour and i mean POUR we were so soaking wet and muddy. it was so much fun!!! 
Saturday we just worked hard so that we could hit all of our standards and then we played chair soccer with some members!! 

It was a super crazy week and now i am hoping that things will slow down just a little bit cause they busier you are the faster the time goes.... 


202 Brownlow ave unit f bldg f
Dartmouth NS B3B 1T5

<3 Sister Hardy

        What are the odds.....
so we play this game here in the CHM called what are the odds... so if you lose you have to do it... so this was on the way down to youth conference!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Time really does fly by.....

So yesterday it smacked me in the face.... I was looking at my new planner for this transfer and it says transfer 11.... As sister missionaries we only serve for 13 transfers... and on top of that we were having a skype call with some of the sisters we work with and we were suppose to say our name, where we are from and how long we have been serving... so it goes 3 days, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and then me... 14 months...

well enough mourning.... This week was supper crazy!! Transfers happened, Sister Anderson my new companion is from Boise. She is pretty legit!Wednesday for p-day we spent all day in halifax and thats where we are headed today!! We were able to help with a baptism yesterday of a 8 year old kid in the ward. It was supper fun!! We have new elder here in sackville that just came out of the MTC and he turned and was like "Sister Hardy we just went knocking and i am so happy right now" all i can say is i hope it stays that way!!! We have had a lot of fun this weekend! We played Chair Soccer for games night Saturday night!! Got hit a few times, my wrist may or may not be a little bruised... :)

Anyways not much to talk about this week we were just running around with our heads cut off.

I hope you all have a great week!!!
Dont' FORGET i would love some letters.....
202 Brownlow Ave unit F Bldg F Dartmouth Nova Scotia B3B 1T5


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Operation glitter was a success

so the past week and a half has been soo crazy!!!
Monday we went and played chair soccer like every other p-day! We had a supper appointment with the one and only James Family!! They are so great! Unfortunately i started feeling really sick.... so we ended up going to the church after supper and i fell asleep on the floor... we went home and i crashed yet again except this time on my bed. Tuesday morning got up and felt like throwing up everywhere..... so after studies i crashed again for almost 3 hours... Tuesday afternoon i had no energy... so i went back to bed.. We had a lesson Tuesday afternoon with our Investigator Ginelle... i was dead after that....  Wednesday we got up and had to go to Bridgewater for District Meeting! I still did not feel well but i had to give a 20 minute training.... Sister Crump is a life savor!!! She helped me so much with it! I really didn't do much seems i was still sick... Thursday was interesting... we had a leadership council meeting that morning and i felt like crap... but i put the face of everything is alright and went... We had another lesson after that with Ginelle! The Greenwood sisters came up and helped us try and get some stuff done in our area. Friday i still did NOT feel well.... so i gave in and went to the doctors... needless to say i have a virus and my asthma is out of the roof crazy... so i got two new inhalers that are pretty legit... i have so much energy after i use them... no one knows what to do with me... Saturday we... cant remember.. well anyways we have been in a trio since Saturday!! oh well i was still sick... Sunday was good! One of the kids in the ward gave his farewell talk... he was so scared.. i really hope i didn't look as petrified as he did! after supper at a members home we went to his farewell open house thing and ate some fantastic cheese cake! Then on Monday i was told that i still need to just "rest" for those that know the true me... know that i can NOT sit still for more than 2 seconds.... so we started just doing member stop by's and such.. Tuesday was the day we found out about transfers! so the past week we have been talking about how sister crump has a 98% chance of staying and i have a 2% chance of staying... i thought for sure that i was being transferred since i have been here for 5 months already! But hey i am staying!!! Sister Crump is going to Charlottetown PEI, i am getting a sister that has been out for 6 months and has been in Newfoundland since she got here! So it should be fun!! I am still feeling not the best but am getting better slowly!!! 
I am really excited for the next transfer to see what will happen! next week will be another busy one! We have zone Conference! and then the sackville elders and us get to go to youth conference for a day!!!!
oh.. funny story!!! So yesterday we had an apartment inspection and we have been having this prank battle with the elders, we bought some glitter and the Excells one of the senior couples distracted the elders while we put glitter in their AC vents... they were so mad but it was sooo funny!!! needless to say its gonna be a war all transfer :) ​