Monday, March 21, 2016

wwwwaaaaa 10 months already...?!

wow what a weeeeek a long week at that... Im sorry its gonna be a short one. 
Some funny stuff that happened this week
Monday: We went bowling with a member and of course we are doing crazy stuff so my companion was like ok roll it under your leg and what do i do? Softball pitch it right into my knee? Yes yes i do, that resulted in a big black and purple bruise :) 
Tuesday we had a dinner appointment and she filled our plated and i mean filled it with scalloped potatoes, they were good but i dont think i ate untilwednesday at dinner! 
Wednesday night we played glow in the dark volleyball and soccer.. that was fun only got a few rug burns from that :) 
Thursday: We were out street contacting for 6 hours straight... kill me now... no bueno
Friday: We had a 3 hour lesson with our investigator... and then institute! <3
Saturday was games night, we played volleyball, speed ( I killed the elders and their investigator i won 5/6 games) then they were mad so we played ping pong, and then chair soccer and then ended up playing kickball! It was a lot of fun! 
Sunday: We had stake conference! We got permission to drive 2 hours to it with a member instead of staying in our area! it was a lot of fun! 

super boring week and super long week at that. 
 I Love and miss you all! 
Please dont send me any mail until you hear from me, i will most likely be getting transferred out of Moncton! (Its about time...) 

Have a good weeeek!!! :) <3

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