Monday, October 26, 2015


I never knew that a week could go so stinkin slow!!! We had two exchanges this past week and when the trio was finally back together on Friday we came out of an appointment with two missed calls from the Assistants to President. That is never good, either you are in trouble or are being transferred mid transfer.... in this case we yes ALL THREE of us are being taken out of Greenwood.... We have less than a week to pack everything up and to get our area ready to give to the Elders that are taking our spot. I never thought that I would be able to call somewhere home, other than where my fam is. The Members of the Greenwood Nova Scotia Branch are and always will be family!  I have learned so much from them! I have recently been pondering on my relationship with my Savoir, Older Brother and Friend Jesus Christ. There was an article in the February 2015 Friend Titled Who Is Your Hero? This story is based on a true story, It says: 
Ellie bit her thumbnail nervously. Miss Fitz was going down the rows of desks and asking each student a question, one by one.
“Who is your hero?” Miss Fitz asked Jeremy.

Jeremy didn’t waste a moment answering. “My dad!” he said proudly.

Miss Fitz smiled. “And yours, Sarah?”

Her answer came just as quickly. “Abraham Lincoln.”

Ellie felt her heart thumping as Miss Fitz continued down the row of students. They had been talking about heroes all day, and now everyone was supposed to say who their hero was—in front of the entire class!

Amber and Justin said their moms were their heroes. Walter said his was his grandfather. A few other students said theirs were presidents or other famous leaders.

Only a few students were left before Miss Fitz would reach Ellie. She had to think of a hero—and fast.

Ellie looked down at her shoes, embarrassed. Coming up with a hero wasn’t the real problem. She already knew who her hero was. It was Jesus Christ. He had healed the sick, raised the dead, and paid the price for everyone’s sins. He was the greatest hero who ever lived! She was just too afraid to say it.

Ellie bit her thumbnail again at the thought of telling the whole class that Jesus Christ was her hero. What if Jeremy laughed at her? What if Sarah and Amber whispered about her at recess?

Of course she knew Jesus Christ was her hero. But that didn’t mean everyone else had to know too.

Miss Fitz stopped right in front of Ellie’s desk and smiled. “And who is your hero, Ellie?”

Ellie glanced from the row of students beside her up to Miss Fitz. “Abraham Lincoln,” she whispered.

Miss Fitz beamed. “Good!” she said as she walked to the next student in the row.

As soon as she was gone, Ellie’s shoulders dropped in relief. Thank goodness that was over. The last thing she needed was for everyone in class to know that her hero was—

“Jesus Christ,” a voice said.

Ellie’s eyes widened as she slowly looked over. There—only a little farther down the row—sat a small boy. He was skinny and shy, and he always sat at the back of the classroom. Ellie didn’t even know his name. She couldn’t remember him ever saying a single word—until now.

A few students turned to stare at the boy, but he didn’t notice them. He just looked up at Miss Fitz and spoke again. “My hero is Jesus Christ.”

Miss Fitz smiled brightly and continued down the row. But Ellie looked at the boy in amazement. She had been afraid to tell everyone about her hero, but he hadn’t. He didn’t even go to her church! But he knew how important it was to stand as an example of Jesus Christ, even when it was hard.

Ellie smiled at the boy. She wouldn’t be afraid to say who her hero was anymore. After all, she had two of them now.

I would ask you to think to yourself who is your hero? Are you Brave enough to say who it is?
I know that one of my many hero’s is Jesus Christ. Without him we wouldn’t be able to return with our father in heaven. We wouldn’t be able to be forgiven of our wrong doings.
I invite you to ponder on what your relationship is like with Jesus Christ and how you can improve it!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! I’ll send you my new address next Monday!!


                                               The Veinot and Kinner Family

These three girls are my best friends!!

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  1. Our family as well as our Church family are going to miss Sister Hardy very much. She was here so long she became like family to us. I hope she keeps in touch as she moves throughout the Mission field so we can share in her experiences with her. Her triumphs and the bad days too! We are so much alike in the things we have in common she is like a real sister to me.