Monday, August 22, 2016

Did i hear sick... again....??

yup that's right im sick again.. there is a flu/somethin going around the mission right now and sister anderson and i both seemed to pick it up at the same time... :( This week was another crazy one. our car broke down for the 3rd time in like a month.... so we ended up getting a new Nissan Rogue.. :) they are sooo stinkin nice!! We had 3 potential lessons cancel on us.. our one and only investigator is out of town right now... We were out proselyting for 25 hours this week... played some chair soccer saturday night with the ward.  Thats really about all that happened this week. oh i got another sunburn... my left side of my neck is so much darker than the right side... 

anyways... i hope you all have a great week!!! 

Love ya!!

oh and i found these really cool shorts and shirts at the salvation army and got all of them for like 2 dollars. it was legit. and then a family from calgary was visiting yesterday and their little girl clara was the cutest thing!!

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