Monday, December 7, 2015



What a crazy week! It was a long and crazy week! We were able to get 400 contacts this week and 35 finding hours! It sounds like the sickness is everywhere right now! I have been sick the past three days, and today i have no voice.. but oh well! 

At the beginning of the week we had someone ask us a few questions about the second coming and the millennium. So i took the opportunity to study those topics this past week and want to share some cool stuff i came across. The questions we were asked were 1st how can we be ready for when the Savior comes? 2nd Who will live during the millennium and 3rd what will we be doing during the millennium? 
The  best way to answer the first question is that we need to prepare ourselves for the Saviors coming by accepting the teaching of the gospel and making them part of our lives. 

During the millennium only righteous people will live on the Earth at the beginning of the millennium. They will be those who have lived virtuous and honest lives. During the millennium mortals will still live on the earth, and will continue to have children. 

Something interesting that i read that i had never thought about before, was that during the millennium people will still have their agency and for a time many people will be free to continue with their religions and ideas. eventually though everyone will confess that Jesus Christ is the Savior.

Another cool thing i read was that during the millennium, there will be no death as we know it. When people have lived to an old age, they will not die and be buried. Instead they will be changed from their mortal condition to an immortal condition in "the twinkling of an eye." 

If you didnt have the chance last night to watch the Christmas Devotional, i would encourage you all to go and watch it! It helps get us all in the Christmas Spirit! 

and a little under 365 day till i come home.... crazy right?! 😵🙈😨🙊✌


                                                             MA this one is for you

                                                             Who says we cant color?!

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