Monday, March 14, 2016

The Plan of Salvation is REAL!

All my life I have
talked to the father
through a veil.
I knew He was listening
Often He felt so close,
Sometimes the power
of His presence filled
me with a warmth that
permeated my whole soul.
But always He was
hidden by the veil
we call “forgetfulness.”
I never did see Him
but I always returned.
My need and longing
for Father brought
me back over and over again
as it will always do
until at last He put forth
His hand and welcomes
me home.

The one great and glorious thing about the message that we as missionaries share is that life doesn't stop after we die here on earth. Just because our bodies are put in the ground a few feet under our spirits will go to the spirit world! There is a great party that happens on the other side of the veil when our loving Heavenly Father pulls us over! You are reunited with loved ones that have passed on and with those that you don't even know! 
Friends, and Family i know that this gospel is the only way that we can be with our loved ones on the other side. It is through our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ that this is all possible. It is through the saving ordinances performed by someone holding the proper priesthood authority of God that we can and will live with our loved ones again. 
I am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to be serving the Lord for 18 months. Yes there are hard times, we go through times of trials, heartaches, and yet there are still those joyful moments. This past week was a week full of mixed emotions! But by the end of the week it was great.On Saturday we went to see how our investigator Tyler was doing, he is a cashier at sobeys (grocery story) which is just across the street from our apartment building, anyways we walked over to see how he was doing and we had to buy something so we could go through his line so we grabbed some candy and as soon as we walked up he grabbed the BOOK OF MORMON and said SISTERS!!!! i have been bringing the book of mormon with me to work and have been reading it when ever i get the chance! I am almost done with Mosiah! Mosiah is 62 pages... He Came to church for the first time yesterday and LOVED it!! He is currently on Date for April 16th! Happy Early Birthday present right?! 
It truley is the greatest thing to see someone making changes in their lives to live a more Christ-Like life! The gospel is sooo true! I would challenge those that are reading this and are not a member of the church to find someone that is and talk to them and maybe even start to listen to what the missionaries have to say! I know that it can and WILL change your life for the better! 

I love you all!! Please if you have any questions write me or email me! 
Sister McKenzie Hardy
1309 Mountain Road 
Unit 408
Moncton, NB 
E1C 2T9

I really would love to hear from you all! It gets a little boring hearing from just ma and pa every week ;)  Love you mom and dad!

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