Tuesday, March 29, 2016

ummm Catholic mass... say what?

Well well well, one more week done.... its transfer week! I am no longer in Moncton, NB. and dont ask where i am going because i really dont know.. we dont find out till tomorrow. So i am partying it up in the Mission home in Halifax for the week, My companion flies out tomorrow morning to her mission in Salt Lake City! 
This week has been sooo long but yet soooo short and sooo busy! Monday Night we had supper and Family Home Evening with the Leger family, they are sooo sweet! I love their kids sooo much! Then we had Family Home Evening with Tammy and Broddie, Tammy is a less active of 20 years, and her son broddie is one of our investigators he is 10 and basically the little brother i never had... ( THANKS MOM AND DAD... ;)) Tuesday morning i woke up sick, with a sore throat and no voice... Wednesday morning we had a great lesson with our Investigator Tyler! It has been so amazing, we have had the opportunity to have President Pratt come and teach with us! That night we had another Family Home Evening with the Pitre Family. They are so amazing, they have 2 sons that are not baptized because their biological father wont let them. But they have such strong testimonies of the gospel! 

Thursday was an interesting day... A few weeks ago our investigator Tyler invited us to go to a special Easter Mass at his church. He also said that there were a few people that wanted to meet and talk to us afterwards. In all honestly we thought that they wanted to Bible Bash.... we were a little scared so we called the elders, we were like soo Tyler wants us to go to mass... umm will you come with us?? We really dont know what to expect... so they agreed. So it comes time. Thursday night we met down the road from his church. We got out and probably prayed a million times. no joke. so we got there and his fellow shippers the Pitre's were there as well. so we kinda had a little group which was great. So we sat down and normally we are not suppose to sit by the elders or in groups of missionaries, but the elders were like okay sisters we are all sitting together tonight.. lol so the service went on... got a few verses out of the bible wrong.. but got some things right. towards the end they were explaining what was going to happen, was that the lights were going to be turned off slow and then there would be a big noise which was to represent the earthquake heard and felt at the time of Christ's crucifixion. So me sitting next to the elder is like well this is gonna get awkward.. the lights are getting shut off and we are sitting next to each other... so i moved closer to my companion and put the scriptures in between us... and yea.. it was really weird... then when it was over... Tyler and his friends wanted to meet so we went to a room and was answering questions and stuff and it turned out to not be a Bible Bash at all.. which is GREAT! 

Saturday: We usually have games night on saturday nights where our investigators and the members come and play games, but no one came this week.. it was only 7 missionaries and one member which is always with the elders... so we ended up having a correlation after we played some speed and ping pong.... 

Sunday: HAPPY EASTER!!! Sunday was great! Our less active that hasnt been to church in 20 years came!!! YAAAYYYY!!! But then again... it was our last sunday in moncton... bitter sweet moment. 

Then this morning we got up and packed the car and was on the road for Halifax by 8 am. its been a crazy long day. we have hung out at the mission office for a while and then we decided well lets go to peggy's cove! so we did. It was sooo cold and windy.... but sooo cool! Then the rest of the week i will be just chillin... honestly... 


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