Wednesday, June 22, 2016

such a long week...

wow well we got a week and a half to fill you in on!! 

Monday June 13th! P-DAY!!!! we played some wiffle ball!! It was soooo much fun!!! then we had supper with some pretty cool members and then went out talkin with people! 

Tuesday! it was an interesting day! We had 14 Missionaries from the Zone here in sackville to blitz the area! So we were out finding and talking to people all day! then at the end before everyone left to go home we had a testimony meeting! it was so cool to see the unity between everyone and all of the super sweet miracles that happened that day!

Wednesday we had district meeting, Last one of the transfer :( 

Thursday we had a leadership skype call all morning and then we went and played some bingo with some old people and yes of course we won :) then we traveled down to Bridgewater to work with the sisters on Friday

Friday Sister Andersen and I went to Lunenburg and walked around for 4ish hours! super fun and super hot! Then Sister Crump and i had to bring our car and another mission car back to Sackville. so lets just say its super weird being by yourself in a car for an hour and a half.. there were so many times i would turn and start to say "Sister Crump" then i would realize no one was there... super WEIRD!!!! 

Saturday was a blast! we sorta... So we went and walked around the lake in the morning, we stopped this super legit couple that actually wanted to talk to us. then i got super lightheaded.. then everything around me went black and i couldnt see anything. i could still hear the conversation and then the lady started to freak out and ask if i was alright cause i guess i was wobbling and starting to stagger as i moved/walked. so the guy grabbed my arm and linked arms with me and walked down the path till we got to a bench. so we sat there for a while. the couple left and sister crump and i booked it back to the car. it was super weird. But hey im alright! we then had lunch and then did a lemonade stand with the elders! got a little sun and yea! thenSaturday night we had the ward talent show! it was soooo much fun! the elders and us did a skit. it was the one where two people are sitting in chairs and they put their hands behind their back and then someone behind them puts their arms in yours and feeds you or whatever.  So the elders showed everyone how sisters get ready in the morning but eating toast with peanut butter and then washing their face, putting eye shadow on, lipstick, and mascara! The we showed how elders get ready in the morning! we shaved, ate toast with peanut butter, did my hair, brushed me teeth! and oh man the ward loved it! it was supper fun!!! 

Sunday! We had church! President and Sister Pratt showed up... then it was a day full of planning! we had to plan for the upcoming week! then Zone Training! and then we had a skype call with the zone leaders! 

Non P-Day Monday :( Well it was a good day even though it wasnt p-day! we talked to some people and then did service at a members and then had supper at a members and then had family home evening at a members! it was soo fun and soo yummy!! 

Tuesday we had a lesson with our recent convert! then we went and walked around and talked to people for 3ish hours and then went to a members house for supper and another fhe! 

And finally today! we have p-day from 10:30 am till 9 pm! we are goin on a hike it should be fun!!! 

oh and i guess i should tell you that i am staying in Sackville for 6 more weeks with Sister Crump!!!!!

and i love you!! 

and i have a million pictures for you! 

and you rock

and yea! 

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