Monday, October 17, 2016

So I was lazy and just copied this from Sister Hotchkisses email

Hello my friends!!

where did the week go?????? I have no idea... really... like i have to open my planner to see what happened this week!

We had all day P-Day because it was Canadian Thanksgiving... We spent the day in "Hug Life" Shirts and bball shorts and spent the day with Kim and Jimmy and renee and lexi and brooklyn... (pics to follow)
We also got Dominic to dress up in Jimmys panda suit and flipped a waterbottle and made it stand on the lid on the table... I was the first to get it!! :)

Thursday we played "Queen, Princess, and Rescue from the evil Lady" with Evie and Bree, Dale and Coral's girls, and i was the evil lady!! it was so much fun!! we played for like an hour!!!!! I love Dale and Coral so much!!! They are so great!!

President and Sister Pratt came to Houlton to visit us just because... and to see what we had been raving about!! The fall colors of Maine!!!!! like they are totally beautiful!!! I love them so much!! I cant believe i get to serve in such a beautiful area!!! 

We became the tech crew for conferece (stake Conference) and conference was great!! the theme was Faith Proceeds the Miracle. it was great!! Just remember that as you continue in faith that God will bless you! TRUST HIM!!! He knows all!!!! :) 

well thats all for today folks... I know I said Adventures with Sister Hardy would pick back up but for that to happen i need to be keeping better record of what happens in the week... we are writing a song though... so eventually you may get to hear it!! oh and to top the week off... We were laying in our beds this morning and Sister Hardy took my stuffed Giraffe and said, " are you sure it's a giraffe? It could be a Rhinosaurusis..." yup... it was great!!!!!!!!

well look out for pics... they are coming!!!

haha jokes you already got em

have a great week everyone!!!


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