Monday, February 29, 2016

A picture is worth 1000 words!!!

Sorry for so many pictures! not a lot of time to send an email! These are from the adventures from last p-day and today! last p-day we went on a muddy muddy hike! Thursday i basically had a heart attack, the Zone leaders called and said hey sisters president is coming to Moncton and wants to spend the day with one of us and the Dieppe elders and us think he should go with you! so Friday president pratt was with us all day! its was kinda weirdd.... not gonna lie! Then Saturday i was supper sick so we basically hung out at the church all day with them! Then Saturday night we went and got a Shamrock shake before games night! Then today We went to Hopewell rocks down by the Bay of Fundy! it was so much fun! basically what it is, are rocks that are formed by the tides! It is soooo cool! anyways here are a million pics!!!  

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