Tuesday, May 31, 2016

what a week!!! :)

a week full of exciting stuff! 

Monday: we were ditched by the other sisters in the area, so we decided we were going to play volleyball and chair soccer with all of the elders! it was a blast! 

Tuesday: We were in another sisters area, and had a meeting with president pratt, he talked us into making a video about training members to be the best fellowshippers ever! then we spent some time on the ferry talking with some people, and it started to pour while we were on the ferry so that was fun! then we got a text from a member saying that she has a friend that could use some help. so we went there that night and sister maclennan or momma mac met us there and introduced us to her friend miranda! she was like alright so we need to get all of this mortar of this plywood. talk about work. them momma mac came in and was like miranda why dont we just pull up the plywood? so we did that instead! i had a crow bar and hammer and sister crump had a shovel tryin to help pull it up. sooo much dust! (couldnt breath after that) but all in all it was fun! and she wants to learn more about the gospel! 

Wednesday: We were in Bridgewater all morning for district meeting. and the we jumped on a bus all afternoon and talked to everyone! 

Thursday: we had MLC for all of the leaders in the mission. it is usually only an hour and a half but it ended up being like 3 hours. its all done over skype so the only one in the mission home are those in the metro. so by the end of the 3 hours left in the mission home was us, the assistants and president pratt. it was horrible! but we got pizza after so it all worked out! then we went and played bingo with some old people. 

Friday: We went back to Mirandas house and helped paint! we then were suppose to have a lesson but he had to cancel because of physio. so we ended up still driving out there and had lunch with a member! then we had a legit lesson with a recent convert! We have them a date set to go to the temple to be married for time and all ETERNITY!!! ooooo exciting! its pretty sweet cause my first day in the mission i met andrea and now she is going to the temple a year later! 

Saturday: we jumped on a bus and did that for a few hours, then had a lemonade stand with the elders, i got sunburnt on my left arm. thats the only place... sooo weird! 

Sunday was legit like always. theres just somethin about going to church that makes your whole week worth while!! 

I love and miss you all!!! 

Sister Hardy
159 River Lane Apt 212
Bedford, NS 
B4A 2X9

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