Monday, September 19, 2016

'Merica is my new favorite place... well kinda always has been!

DANG, I forgot how much I love America... Things are so stinkin cheap here!! It was an interesting experience getting here! We were suppose to be back in Houlton by Thursday night but didn't end up getting here until Friday afternoon.... the assistants were suppose to give me the family history booth stuff but forgot.. so we ended up stayin the night in Fredericton, then we drove back to nova scotia to get it and then back to new Brunswick and finally to Maine! I thought I was gonna kill someone. sitting for that long was a killer! Sister Hotchkiss is pretty legit, we are having lots of fun! There are a couple members here that make it feel like I have been serving here for eternity! The ward mission leader walked into branch council yesterday morning and asked how long I had been out and then called me a trunky missionary.. (trunky means dead, not wanting to do missionary work anymore...) I aint trunky don't worry... so as he was rolling the table out after church for linger longer I kicked it and it fell down... I told him that was for calling me trunky,... then everyone busted up laughing and yea.. so its gonna be a fun 2 transfers here in Houlton!

sorry its kinda short this week, just emailed on Wednesday... and all the other days were full of traveling...

I got lots of pictures to send!

Here is my address! Its in America so its should be a lot easier to send me stuff *wink* *wink*

3 north court Apt 17
Houlton ME

Love Sister Hardy!!!

                                                         Amish donuts are the bomb!!

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