Wednesday, September 14, 2016

'Merica here I come!

      Well I am being transferred to Houlton Maine! I am so so sad to leave Sackville! I am have made so many new friends and family! I will never forget the people here in sackville that made me feel at home! I have seen so many miracles happen while being here as well!
      So much has happened in the past week and a half i don't even know how to tell it all to you! Last p-day we went to the beach with the elders here in sackville and the sisters in Halifax! it was so much fun! then we had supper with the James family! <3 them! Then that night the elders text Sister Barfuss and i and said hey bring the lighter we have stuff to get rid of... so we ended up burning a box of letters.... (long long story!!) then they bought us ice cream!  They are pretty cool i guess.
     Tuesday i went back to the doctors, nothing came of the blood results so they sent me back for more! Freak how much blood they tryin to take from me?
     Wednesday we went bus contacting and boy let me say its not everyday that you have someone stop you and say they want to talk more bout Jesus! This lady followed us off of the bus. oh and her name is Tiger.. Yes i said Tiger as in the animal that said ROOOAAARRR. She is pretty legit and wanted to learn more! But she lives in Halifax, most deffos not our area! But oh well its part of missionary work!
      Thursday morning we had MLC (mission leadership council) it was rough. I could not focus whatsoever and then i was asked to give a closing testimony. *peace out leadership* Then we had a lesson with our investigators Peter and Marilyn! Sister Pratt came with us! it was sweet! i pulled out some wicked drawing skills! ill send a pic! Then mission prep started! So basically got to chill with the peeps in da Sackville Ward! 
      Friday was pretty meh. Saturday we did a lemonade stand! dang did the kids want lemonade today! Then we played chair soccer that night! i got a nasty bruise on my calf!
     Sunday we were in primary all day! We are helping them get ready for the primary program at the end of the month! We played Primary Idol (American idol, well i guess its Canadian idol or somethin here). It was sooo much fun!
     Monday was a long hard day! We were outside all day talking to people! Anxious to hear about transfers!
    Tuesday was super hard! I found out i was leaving Sackville and going to Houlton Maine! Super excited for 'Merican food, and candy and everything!!
    This morning we went out to Peggy's Cove with the elders! it was a lot of fun! *BONUS* no one got hurt!
WELL!! I Love and Miss you all!!! Have a great week and enjoy everything this week!! till next time pals! (... monday....)
I'll send my American address to y'all on Monday! <3 <3

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