Monday, September 5, 2016

Hey Baby I like your up-do...(my hair is in a bun).....

Mono? Monday night we had supper with two of the ysa's in the ward and it was super fn cause it was only the two of them! we had some fun! Tuesday we were with some of our leaders on exchanges! talk about being hit on... sister fisk and i within like 15 mins were hit on like 3 times. we were walking across the crosswalk and some guy walking towards and is like hey baby i like your up-do... totally awkward cause there is no one around that has their hair up and its some creepy , homeless 50 year old totally hitting on me... then a drunk guy came up and walked right between us and just was trying to get super close... so that was awkward... then i came home and slept... Wednesday we traveled two hours to district meeting in Annapolis royal! We played darts for one of the trainings. Then we had a lesson with a less active and his wife is not a member! so we picked her up as a new investigator! Thursday we went and did some service at a members home!! then they fed us lunch :) then i had a doctors appointment... mono...? then we went out street contacting and got a few potentials <3 Then the greenwood sisters came up for an exchange and as we were waiting at the church for them we talked the elders into bringing us frosty's <3 we went out finding that night. Sister Anderson and Barfuss picked up two new investigators!! Friday was a super crazy stressful day! I went to get some blood work done in the morning, they took 2 or 6 tubes of blood and are testing for a million different things right now. then we went to the office to pick up an ipad for the new family history booth. then went to lunch! as we were getting home the other sisters were like so one of us has to go to greenwood to get the canopy and meet the amherst elders half way. they need it for an event tonight... so sister barfuss and i ended up driving all afternoon!! it was sooo much fun but super tiring!! Saturday was the ward picnic, sister anderson woke up sick... but we went anyways... i got sunburnt... 3 of our investigators came.... sooo stinkin exiting!!! then we did a lemonade stand with the elders! We had supper with the James <3 and then went street contacting!! Sunday i felt like crud... just super tired and really didnt want to be alive... i woke up at 6:30 and prayed, and laid down and crashed... so i moved to the couch and crashed.. so i moved to the floor to start getting ready... and crashed... so during ward council before church i was basically asleep.. so i was stilling on the chair greeting people falling asleep... then freak guess who showed up to church?!  Our two New investigators peter and Marylyn!!!! i freaked out... then we went and sat in the chapel and i needed to get a drink so we walked out and guess who showed up?! President Pratt.. you know you are in trouble or he has stuff to tell you when he shows up to church... but luckly it wasnt for us...  We had supper at the Johnsons, and i was laughing so hard i was crying during our lesson with them.... then we had the most spiritual plan of salvation lesson i have had on my mission with peter and marylyn. It was legit!! So it was a tough, hard, spiritual, sleepy week!!!

I Love and miss you all!! 
202 Brownlow Ave Unit F Bldg F
Dartmouth NS, B3B 1T5​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

LOVE, Sister Hardy 

p.s.... only 102 days...

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