Monday, October 3, 2016

Concussion number.... aww who cares anymore... my head is just a bat now....

What a week. I feel like I start all emails out that way. so last Monday we were in Presque Isle, we went to do p-day with the elders and sisters there! We played some chair soccer and guess who got hit in the head... :) yup that's right I did! so the next day I had a HUGE headache... and I was totally out of it...

I wrote y'all a song.. hope ya like it.
Moosey Moosey, where are you?
Moosey Moosey, I wanna be your friend today
Moosey Moosey, where are you?
Moosey Moosey, i want to ride you around the field. 
Moosey Moosey, i want to paint you....
Moosey Moosey, No one likes you
Moosey Moosey, i love you
Moosey Moosey, come out of the trees your 
     in and eat the porcupine on the side of the road
Moosey Moosey, let me see you outside
Moosey Moosey, we can share my icy 
Moosey Moosey, I'm lookin for you
Moosey Moosey, times comin near
Moosey Moosey, let me convert you
Moosey Moosey, i'll make a bed for you
Moosey Moosey, granny will feed you apples, 
       just cause they're nasty
Moosey Moosey, I'll feed you moose meat... 
Moosey Moosey, Where did you go
Moosey Moosey, come back i wont feed you
       moose meat anymore... 
Moosey Moosey, my ice is almost gone 
Moosey Moosey, lets learn how to fly
Moosey Moosey, lets go swimming
Moosey Moosey, i want to see youuuuu
Moosey Moosey, it's gonna rain

Alright so y'all are thinkin im crazy right now but I promise I am NOT. I literally just want to see a moose, 16 months is long enough to not see one.. I mean I have seen one before but I wanna see one on my mission.. dont ask why its weird I know. 

The rest of the week was great! General Conference is the time we look forward to on our missions! It is so great to be able to sit and listen to a Prophet of God speak to us of the things we need to hear! 

We found some pretty wicked cereal... it turns your milk green.... its sooo cool!! 

Anyways, enough craziness for one week! If you didn't have the chance to watch General Conference go DO IT!!! 

I Love youuu!! 

Sister Hardy 

3 North court # 17
Houlton Maine


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