Monday, October 10, 2016


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What a week! so many of you might have seen the picture of the elders and us with a panda.... so that is dad a.k.a Jimmy. it was his birthday... we were looking so stinkin hard for footy pjs for him and found a panda... so sunday while at their house we created #pandawhisper...... its pretty great i know! So we got him panda pj's... lets just say it took us 2+ hours to wrap it..... it was fun!

We had lots of travel time this past week, we got cut down on our allotted k's. So mom a.k.a Kim has been driving us to the moon and back... Lots of pictures and videos! 

Cool experience for the week! We receive a media referral! We drove the hour down there and the look on their face was so great! They were not expecting us the day after they requested to meet with us.. . we werent able to teach them but are goin gback next week!!! ayyayyyaya 

sawrey its kinda shart today but ill send pics of da fabulouso MAINE 

BTW's im mental stable. evn tho it may seem lik i aint. Eh? 

BTW's (squared) im really NOT this weird in real life. 

BTW's (cubed) i would love to receive mail.... 
3 north court #17 
Houlton Maine

BTW's (whateverisbiggerthancubed) I get to see you all in ummm uhhhh ummmm yea....  

PICTURES!!!!! there will probs be a milli0n emails wth pictures....

Amish friend that let us take his picture! he grew peanuts... did you know they grow from the ground?!?!

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