Friday, May 22, 2015

It's P-Day!!!

 It's P-Day!!!

  Hey y'all!!! It's P-Day as you can tell!! These last two days
have been amazing!! I have grown so much! In my district we have 8
girls and no guys! I am so grateful for these girls p they are like
sisters to me! Last night when we meet with the branch presidency last
night the spirit was so strong and you could tell that everyone knew
that they were where they were suppose to be and that the lord really
did call them to be disciples of Christ!
          I think today has been one of the hardest morning for all of
us (even me). Last night all the girls in my district came into our
room and we all talked and it felt like we already knew each other! My
companion is sister lowery she is from Alberta Canada and going to
Halifax with me and 3 other girls in our district!
         As we have been siting in class all day we have had the
opportunity to teach a nonmember   It has been a great experience.
It's amazing how if you have the faith and desire to become for like
Christ and to do the things you are suppose to do the things that can
and will happen. I have felt so many blessing that have already
happened since I have entered the MTC.
         There isn't much to write about with only being here a few
days! Here are some pictures for everyone! I love you all so much and
miss you like crazy!!


















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