Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What a week....

This week has been so crazy as many of you have heard or seen!! Monday for P-Day we played volleyball with the Elders, and i ended up falling and spraining my ankle very bad. After a few hours of just sitting around i finally decided to call the mission nurse to see what she wanted me to do and she said that i need to go the hospital to make sure it wasn't broken. So i called President Pratt and told him what was going on and to get permission to be out past curfew. He told me to call the elders serving near us and have them take me to the hospital so that my companions could go home and get some sleep. So needless to say i spent the from 8pm till almost midnight. It was a crazy/weird night. I wasn't able to see a doctor that night so we decided that we would just go back in the morning. so i finally got home around 12:30am Tuesday morning. My companions were asleep so i jumped into bed. When the alarm went off at 6:20 i was so dead since i hardly slept that night. My comps were like what happened? so i told them and then we were back off to the hospital at 8am. We got there and it was already crazy busy, i got checked in and took back to a room. i sat there for a good two and a half hours waiting for someone to come and get me for an x-ray. After the x-ray was done and the doctor looked at it he said that there was no apparent fracture but it doesnt mean that there isn't one. Since fractures dont always show up right off the bat. The doctor was like i want you on crutches for 3-4 weeks... KILL ME NOW!!!!! being a missionary and having stupid crutches are the worse thing in the world!!!!! We finally got out of the hospital around 12:30 grabbed a quick bite for lunch and were off to a nursing home, we are trying to volunteer at. After that we went to Bridgewater for a visit..... not a smart idea for someone that has been up all night and that is in pain. Wednesday we tried to take it easy, well as easy as you can as a missionary. Thursday we had a service projected lined up with the elders to help a former investigator rake leafs. I was designated to be the supervisor...  Friday we had the dreadful weekly planning.... it is when we plan every hour for the upcoming week. Saturday morning I was bound and determined to go and contact at the waterfront... i was so dead after that hour was up... Yesterday we got the horrible dreadful transfer letters. On Thursday i will be heading to New Glasgow Nova Scotia. I ABSOLUTELY HATE PACKING. Sackville has been an awesome experience these past three weeks. I have had to opportunity to meet some amazing members and people. I am sad to leave but know that i am needed in New Glasgow right now. The triple threat it being split for good. :( We have had some amazing times together! Sister Yadernuk and Sister Law will always be close friends. #SACKVEGAS #STRAIGHTOUTASACKVILLE 

My New Address is 159 Abercrombie Rd Apt #4 New Glasgow, NS B2H 1KS

~SISTER HARDY :)     <3

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