Monday, November 9, 2015

I know we will wash them tonight and put them in the oven to dry them. -Sister Yaddy

Good Morning!!!!!

It has been a crazy week! The weather has been crazy warm! It feels like it should be spring not NOVEMBER!!!! The past few days i have been able to walk around outside with a short sleeve shirt on and everything! Thursday afternoon i was asked to prepare a training on Accountability, I totally forgot my notes. though so.... i will try and go by memory what i said. I broke the word Accountable up and made an anagram. 
. A ­ ​accept full responsibility.
 C ­​choose to be productive. 
C­ ​commit to feel personal responsibility towards the Lord.
 O ­​open­minded toward everyone and everything. 
U ­ ​understand your call. 
N ­​notice your successes and your failures. 
T ­ ​take actions. 
A ­​a desire to account your day to the Lord. 
B ­ ​be motivated. 
L ­​learn from leaders and others around you. 
E ­​engage yourself in the missionary efforts of others (Members missionaries and so forth)

It was an awesome experience, to be able to look at how accountable i am to not only the lord, but my companions, leaders, family and friends. I have committed myself to be more accountable to everyone. I would invite you to think of a way you can be more accountable to those around you!

Saturday night was probably the highlight of my week! We were able to meet the Wade family from Greenwood for supper! It was a blast and so nice to see them!!! 

The joy of having elders in your area..... they text us and told us that they had a bag of food from a member for us....  it was full of nasty potato chips..... 

Oh i guess i should explain the title of the email. last night we were figuring out how we wanted to do wash, cause we dont have one in our apartment anymore... sister yadernuk looks at us and says, lets just wash them and dry them in the oven.... needless to say it didnt happen :)

I hope you all have a great week!! I cant wait to hear from everyone next week!! 

P.S I have almost been out 6 months..... CRAZY RIGHT?!?! 

~ Sister Hardy :) <3

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