Monday, January 25, 2016

um... hi

This past week has been pretty alright! Its been kinda weird weather here..... unfortunately the storm that was suppose to hit the East Coast, only hit the states :( so no snow here.... 

On Wednesday we had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, it was so cool. We were able to hear from many of the General Authorities! The Topic was Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. Repentance was the big word of the broadcast. That is what the focus was, was the importance of Repenting Daily! I will compile some of my notes from it and talk more about it next week!  

A really cool experience that we had this past week: 

We found a new investigator this past week his name is Blaine. We were out knocking and his house was the 2nd one we knocked. He opened the door and let us right in. He told us that his wife had passed away 2 years ago with terminal cancer. He has a 6 year old daughter Jamie. We taught a little about families, and asked if we could set up a time to come back and he was like well i have time now. So we sat down and taught the Restoration. He and Jamie were very interested and listened and accepted everything we said. He shared with us that it has only been in the past 5ish years that he has started going to church. He was baptized into the Alison Baptist Church. He decided that he needed to find out if there really was a god or not. At the end we asked him if he would say the prayer. It was the most powerful prayer i have heard from an investigator. He said in it, How grateful he was that three angles and messengers knocked on his door. He was so grateful and sincere. It was an incredible experience. Ken is still doing well, we havent been able to meet with him this week. He had some family things come up. We have kept in great contact with him. We unfortunately dropped Donna. We have not been able to get in to see her or anything. We will still stay in contact with her so that she knows that we are here. But will not be teaching her and her family.    

I Love and miss you all so much! 
Love Sister Hardy! :) 
Sorry i don't have any pics this week! But here is a favorite quote of mine right now! 

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