Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello All!!!! Its P-Day Yet Again

Well this week has been a mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly... ( i think thats how it goes) well we will start with the good! I am officially in a trio!! My companions are great! They are so great I get to get rid of them the end of this transfer and the next :( We had Three new investigators!! Two of which are on date for baptism!!!!!! It is so amazing the way the lord works and helps people! i have seen so many amazing things happen that are unbelievable! It has been a Crazy week trying to reach our goals because we have had so many lessons! But we were able to do it!!! 
    The BAD....... hmmmmm lets see...... its been a hard week.... but all is well I have two amazing companions that know the perfect things to say to make me laugh and to turn everything upside down!! I am officially 1 month old!!! the reason its on the bad list is cause i lost  the bet between my companions and i about if a members table was round or square.... yes we bet on these things... so on my one month birthday I had to buy the ice cream :( 

 The worse...Well i kinda sorta hit my head really hard on the van on Monday....  and yea i still kinda have a headache..... so for those of you that know the true me know that this isnt a HUGE surprise....
   For those of you in montana im jealous of the storms you have been getting! and those in utah im jealous of the warm weather! we have been under tropical storm warning since yesterday morning and it has NOT stopped raining for one minute..... its cold and windy and rainy... three things that do NOT go well together!! 
   Well I love you all and miss you!!! Have a great week and ill talk to y'all next week! :) 

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