Monday, June 22, 2015

Here is a couple more story from the MTC and on the way to the Halifax from Kenzie. Thursday night while taking with President Loards and while he was giving me a blessing, all I could hear was….. WE will be with you though your whole Mission. There was one distinct voice I kept hearing and it was Grandma Marcia’s. At first it threw me for a loop. Because I didn't know what to think. But as I have thought about it I have realized that those who have passed on are right there doing missionary work just like me and that know matter what they will be with me at all times. ( for those of you that don't know Grandma Marcia Passed away a week before McKenzie entered the MTC) 
Tuesday Night while in New York waiting for the hotel shuttle there was a homeless man. So we all got some stuff together and the Elders took it over to him….( we put a pass along card in it ) Once he saw the pass along card he throw everything in a corner and peed on it!!! YES HE WENT PEE ON THE STUFF WE GAVE HIM! But on a good note one of the lady's helping us at the airport was super sweet and asked us what we were doing. So we told her and she kept asking Questions. Sister Taylor Had a BOM (Book of Mormon) so we wrote a note saying “ Thank you so much for the help! We truly appreciate it. We want to give you this from us. Because we know how much it has helped our life's”. Then we all signed it. When we gave it to her she started crying!  She keep crying and saying I’m going to take my daughter to one of ya’lls churches! So we got an acceptance and a slap in the face all in one night!  :)

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