Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ITS P-DAY!!!!!!

Well yall its been a crazy week! Tuesday morning we got up and left the MTC at 6 am. We rode the front runner from Provo to SLC, from there we took Trax from SLC to the airport! from there we had 3ish hours to hang out till we boarded our plane to Detroit. I got to talk to my mom, dad and sister! it was so nice to hear their voices! Once we got to Detroit we had to run across the airport to get to our next plane, only to find out it had been delayed 2 hours. So that means we wouldnt make it to NYC in time for our flight to Halifax. We finally were able to fly into NYC after the storm had died down a bit. We missed our Flight to Canada by 45 minutes. Once we landed in NYC we went to the Delta Help Desk. they said they would try and get us a hotel room since our flight now wasnt leaving till 945 the next morning. so after two hours of them trying to find us a hotel they said that their supervisor wasnt going to let them. so we had to call church travel, they were going to find us one becuase they didnt want us sleeping in the airport. so after two and a half hours they finally found us a hotel. by the time we got checked in and ready for bed it was 2 in the morning and we had to be back to the airport by 7:45. We got up and went to the airport only to find out that they had half of us on the flight at 9;45 am and the other half at 8pm. well thats not going to work. and there were no open seats on either of the flights. they finally were able to get us a connecting flight from NYC(Queens) to BOSTON! then from boston we had a 7-8 hour layover till we flew on aircanada to Halifax. We got to boston and hung out well actually slept the whole time we were there. we finally to got to halifax and then we had to wait yet again at immigration because they didnt have any of our paper work done. we didnt get to President Leavitt's home until 2 am. we ate some dinner, and went to bed because we had to be up and ready to leave the house by 7 am. while eating breakfast he came in and said "alright since we missed yesterdays infield orientation ask your companion. here are your assignments. Sister Hardy will be in Greenwood,NS with Sister Gochnour from Holiday Utah. and he named the rest" we went to the mission office watched a 5min video and we were off. 3 of the 7 of us had the opportunity to go to the temple the first day we were there. it is such a small temple! It was such an amazing experience! I finally got to my apartment around 8:30pm Wednesday night. We have done alot of tracting. There are NO investigators here at this point in time. we have one potential investigator but havent been able to set up a time with her. its been great all except my arm. but oh well i guess :)  

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