Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's P-day yet again!

Hey all! Its monday yet again! i cant believe how fast this week flew by! i dont have much time today, we are going to halifax to pick up another sister! we will officially be a trio! i dont know much about her but it will be fun! this week has been amazing! we have a few new investigators that are pretty solid! so its just a matter of getting them on date for baptism and following through with it! Monday was my first dinner appointment and it was with a less active family, he was a cook in the army for along time! he made dinner all green! since im a greenie, it was so hard to eat, it was so dark and just yea.... Everyone here is so nice! we have a dinner appointment every night this month! Crazy!? But I love it here! We are going to try and get president to let us go to Peggys Cove! (its a light house). soo we will see how that works out! :) i have a few pictures but not many this week!  We had Zone Conference this past Wednesday, and it was crazy weather going there! ok.... well i guess i had more pictures than i thought! :) Have a great week everyone! I love and Miss you ALL!!!!!!!!



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