Monday, August 24, 2015

what a week.....

oh my lans where to start on this week..... its been a tough week. You really dont know how much you dont know till you go on a mission or get ask questions that you think should be easy peasy to answer. so just a quick recap on the past week.
Monday: What an adventure..... lets just say porcupines and i are NOT friends.... 
Tuesday: NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! oh how i love old people. our new invsto is 70 years old she is a such a sweet loving person! We had supper at the Coles, they feed us every Tuesday night and oh how i am looking forward to Tuesday nights! Its always story time at the Coles! I love it!! 
Wednesday: We had district meeting in Annapolis Royal, We had a great discussion about how ALL of us have been chosen to live in this generation because of how strong we are. We truly are the CHOSEN generation! Oh my lans.... i should not be able to touch a car ever again..... after lunch we were going to the church. I parked the car and went to take the key out of the ignition, only to find that it wouldnt come out.... the key was literally stuck in the ignition.... I gave up after that. 
Thursday: We needed an oil change.... two hours later we were finally done. I had noticed that my knee was a little swollen but thought nothing of it, We had a softball game planned for the branch that night, so of course im going to play. (Lets just say i was on top of the world for those three hours). But after words it looked like i had no knee at all....... so i guess we will see what happens with that..
Friday: On Fridays we go see an older women in a nuring home, her name is Ethal. She is the sweetest thing ever! We got to the nursing home and walked in her room and the nurse was there saying she had just gotten home from the hospital, she took a pretty nasty fall :( it was so sad she was in so much pain. but she was so happy to see us! 
Saturday: We were able to help a less active move, it was hotter than fire, with the humid it was easily over 100 degrees.... kill me now.... Later that night we were out to Port George out on the coast, there was such a crazy rain storm.... i literally could not see anything in front of me. When we got to Port George it was cleared up, just super foggy, so i had a bright idea i wouldnt need my rain jacket.... psh guess who was wrong.... we were walking back towards the car from knocking on some homes when all i could see was a wall of rain moving very very fast in front of me.... so i rain/wobbled as fast as i could to the car to get my jacket.... those 20 seconds i was in the rain i was soaked... it looked like i had just gotten out of the shower with my clothes on... 
Sunday: TRANSFER LETTERS!!!! Greenwood is so great that i get to stay here for another transfer! I will be in yet another Trio! President Pratt must think that i need more supervision or somethin since this is my 2nd trio in 3 transfers :) 

Love Sister Hardy 


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