Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This last week was a little slow! Monday we were able to go to the shore and have a Branch Family Home Evening! Before hand we were able to go on a little adventure along the shore! The Lesson on Monday night was about our spiritual gps. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, so a spiritual GPS stands for Gods Plan of Salvation. It was so awesome to see everyone involved in it! The beginning of the week was soooooo slow but by the end of the week we had the Bridgewater Sisters here for a visit and were able to go out and work with them. Sister Killpack and I had the opportunity to go out knocking. It was just like being in the MTC all over again! The first house we knocked on the lady let us right in! We were able to have a lesson with her and she is excited to learn more! I have been planning a softball game for the branch and a few other branches for this upcoming week. So Honestly i'm pretty pumped for that! 
I hope everyone has  a great week! sorry this weeks email isnt very long! but i have lots of pictures!! oh and yes i am collecting MINIONS..... that picture is only like maybe 25% of them....... :) 


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