Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodmorning :)

This week has been CRAZY, but such a fun adventure! I dont have much time today, so the email may be a little short. 
Monday and Tuesday was crazy trying to get the apartment clean and getting everything packed. Wednesday: We were able to stop my some members homes, we had some great conversations with those on the street. We went and got ice cream with a member and we were sitting at the table talking when all the sudden my ice cream fell off of my ice cream cone :( i had to take a picture of it but then i couldnt let it go to waist... so i may have picked it up and eaten it... 
Thursday was an adventure. We were suppose to help stack firewood till noon then we were suppose to go to Halifax. It started pouring rain, so we were unable to stack firewood, we decided it would be best if we left earlier than planned since it was raining so hard. We grabbed some lunch and were off. It was raining so hard that i wasn't able to see anything in front of me. it was like someone had put a white sheet in front of me. We ended up pulling over for 15ish minutes because we could not see and the streets were like a swimming pool. We finally were back on the road and it was still pouring. We finally go to the mission office and i sprinted inside. We then had to wait for all of the other missionaries to get there. Once everyone had gotten to the mission home it was a little crazy and loud. We finally left halifax and were on our way to wolfville to get a bed and desk.... did you know that two mattresses, a full size desk and 2 sets of sister missionary luggage could fit into a van? yea we didn't think it was going to happen. But thank goodness the elders were there to save the day. We got to the apartment and it looked like a bomb had gone off when we got everything inside.... 
Friday: Sister Yadernuk, Sister Law and I have been companions for only one day and we are getting along so well!! I am excited to see what the next 6 weeks will bring into my life! 
Saturday: We had a branch activity, the Corn Boil. It was alot of fun! There were a bunch of games, face painting..... and then we played scripture battle ship! It was a lot of fun!! 
Sunday: We had a dance party with the kids at our supper appointment! :) 


~Sister McKenzie Hardy 

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